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Holiday rentals, rent (book) your hotel / holiday home / villa / bungalow / vacation home / cottage / apartment or room on Bali directly by owner or booking agency

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Holiday rentals, rent (book) your hotel / holiday home / villa / bungalow / vacation home / cottage /
apartment or room on Bali directly by owner or booking agency

Terms and conditions

PLEASE NOTE! the commssion subsription will be canceled after 31-5-2018

Short version working commission subscription:

  • Contact between prospective tenant and owner / agency through H.H.B. as intermediary
  • Prospective tenant asks quote and for availability
  • Owner / agency make quotation and invoice
  • Prospective tenant accepts your offer and make the booking
  • The tenant must pay the commission (7%) as a down payment to H.H.B.
  • All information about the tenant will sent to owner / agency
  • The remaining amount of the total rental amount will be paid by tenant on your bank account

Terms and working commission subscription

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  2. The owner or agency further named as O&A uses our portal based on a subscription by his choice, in this case
  3. based on a commission, further named as a Fee (fee for publication of his accommodation(s) on our websites).
  4. The O&A pays the fee indirectly to Holiday-homes-Bali further named as H.H.B.
  5. For the tenant this fee is always included in the published rental price.
  6. Published rental price is defined as: the amount per night that is connected to the number of nights that are booked, excluding any taxes or other costs applied by the O&A.
  7. It is not allowed to charge the fee afterwards (which the O&A has to pay to H.H.B.) to the tenant.
  8. The O&A is obliged, if the height of his rental prices are depending from seasons or the number of guest, to publish this in his advertisement.
  9. The O&A only pays the fee over the rental price. (see example underneath point 9)
  10. Sample calculation invoice: based on, for example, a published rental price of €125 per night.
    Rental price: (including fee) 8 nights of €125 per night € 1000
    Any other costs like; taxes and / or surcharge, for example € 100
    Subtotal €1100
    Fee H.H.B.:( 7% of the rental price), these costs are paid in advance to H.H.B. by the tenant as a down payment. €70
    Total of the remaining amount that the tenant must pay to the bank account of the owner or agency, this amount should be the total amount on your invoice. €1030
  11. The O&A is obliged to mention all other costs when giving out a quote. In the quote he also has to pronounce if other costs will be charged afterwards. For example: energy (price per KWH), terms of payment, the use of internet (price per MB), and/or other variable costs. (see example underneath point 13)
  12. The mediation between tenant and O&A through H.H.B. as an intermediary, until an agreement has been accepted between tenant and O&A (an agreement based on the published quote).
  13. Procedure: if the prospective tenant asks for a quote the O&A sends, together with the quote, an invoice to H.H.B. (the invoice minus the 7% fee, see underneath point 9) . The quote and invoice will be checked by us.
    After approval, the quote will be sent to the tenant.
  14. Example of drawing up an quote: based on a published rental price of €125 per night.
    Rental price: (including fee) 8 nights of €125 per night €1000
    Any other costs like; taxes and / or surcharges, for example €100
    Total costs €1100
    A reference to any additional variable cost, for example: energy (price per KWH) / use of internet (price per MB) or/…./…costs that the guest have to pay by leaving the accommodation
  15. After approval of the tenant an agreement is established. The tenant has to pay the fee of 7% of the rental price (which O&A has to pay to H.H.B.) by an invoice made by H.H.B. directly as an down payment to H.H.B.
  16. Once the down payment is received, the reservation is definitive. Then the preformatted invoice made by you as O&A will be sent, along with your personal information (mail address, Phone number......), to the tenant for further completion of ,amongst other things, the remaining payment directly to you as O&A.
  17. Down payment to H.H.B. by the tenant can be done without any cost by the secure payment system of our website.
  18. Payment booking: The remaining payment (on the earlier made quote on which the agreement has been established) directly to you by the tenant, after the tenant has payed the down payment to H.H.B.
  19. Liability: with regard to our function as intermediary of the O&A and tenant. After the transmission of information between tenant and O&A, H.H.B. is under no circumstances responsible for anything regarding to fulfillment of payments or agreements that are mutually made between the tenant and the O&A.
  20. Cancelation (conditions): the O&A is required to publish his cancellation policy in the ad(s) on our websites, so a possible tenant is aware of these conditions before he/she enters in to an agreement with you as O&A.
  21. Right to refund down payment: the tenant is entitled to a refund of his down payment made to H.H.B. when the planned stay is cancelled, but only if sufficient and convincing evidence is provided. This evidence has to indicate that the stay must be aborted. For example: in case of death, medically unable to travel, cancelation confirmation from the owner or agency of the booked accommodation etc.
  22. Letter of agreement: as a user/advertiser of these website (by using the commission subscription) you automatically agree to all of the terms and conditions listed on this page.